Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is a poop story.

Come on in and bring the Toilet Paper! The fire is low, but I've still got the blankets to keep the rain and chill off. Sit down if you want to hear a funny poop story.

So I'm chatting with my boss at work and he says 'It looks like you've put on a little beef.' And I nod 'Yeah I think I got a bit fatter. I'm back up to 220.' One of my co-workers says 'Bah, I'm at 260.' The boss decries this and my CW (co-worker) says 'Well maybe 262 cuz I gotta take a shit.' So he goes out onto the scale we use for the recycled metal we receive and shor'nuff he's 262. We all laugh, and CW goes away.

About 20 minutes later, CW comes back and says 'Well let's see.' And my boss goes 'See what.' CW motions with his head towards the door to the scales. 'Let's see.' Ok so he goes out there, and mine and my boss' jaw hit the floor. The scale reads 260!

Who shits two pounds?!


Much laughing ensued.