Friday, January 29, 2010

Facebook flame

So come on in and enjoy the fire. I did something today I haven't done in a long time and makes me happy. I flamed the crap out of someone. Check it.

Miranda OMGOMGOMGOMG Michael Buble is coming to Saskatchewan again ths summer! SO GOING!!!!
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keep me posted miranda!
Yesterday at 16:44

It's Saskatoon in August, but I dont care. I saw him at the Casino Regina years ago before he was huge and LOVED it!!!
Yesterday at 16:45

do you remember the Ops mgr Chris? He was my ops and at the xmas party one year he said to us, this guy is going to be HUGE. He played us "home" before it was released to mainstream radio. Now every time I hear him sing, I think of Chris.
Yesterday at 16:46

Ha ha. I knew it too, the first time I heard him. he was on the Vicki Gaberuex (how ever its spelled) with his first album and I fell in love right then with his music. :D
Yesterday at 16:47

Yep he is amazing.
Yesterday at 16:48

Levar Rowe
Michael Buble is a fag...your welcome
Yesterday at 16:54

go fuck yourself
Yesterday at 16:55

Levar Rowe
you say that like its a bad thing :)
Yesterday at 16:56

Buble has more talent in his left eye than you do in your whole body. You post a childish response to an enthusiastic woman's Facebook status because you are jealous of said talent. It's ok, run along and play with your legos before bed time.
Yesterday at 17:05

Levar Rowe
You wanna talk about childish comments? Your woman always put stupid and disrespectful comments on people's wall. So you can shut your got damn mouth b4 I put my foot in side of your head. I would of said ass but I know how much u would like that. Stop trying to be an internet warrior.
Yesterday at 17:13

EXCUSE ME??? WTF are you talking about??
Yesterday at 17:18

You're the one being disrespectful
Yesterday at 17:19

where did you find that!
Yesterday at 18:34

Wow. Don't talk trash about talent and Don't FUCKING TALKING TRASH ABOUT FAG'S You worthless piece of shit! People like you should not exists in this world! You are closed minded and just a waste of time and space!
Yesterday at 22:40

Levar Rowe
LOL korrine just stop your making yourself look like a drama queen. I didnt talk trash about gays, I've got no problem wit that as it doesn't effect my life in the slighest. I basically called the guy wack so relax. Where in this conversation did I make fun of the homosexual lifestyle? I can talk trash about michael buble all I want so just shut it.
15 hours ago

Richard Jensen
Mr Rowe, while I firmly believe you are indeed allowed to speak your mind, I feel it is also my right to correct your misconceptions and ignorance. First and foremost, you did indeed 'make fun of the homosexual lifestyle.' You said Mr. Buble is gay, insinuating that the word is a pejorative. Go ahead and get your dictionary and look a few of those words up and then come back to read the rest. I'll wait. What the use of gay in this context implies is that you have little regard for Mr. Buble, but indeed you also have little regard for homosexuals and believe that it is still insulting to call someone gay. In case you were wondering this is called bigotry. Secondly, it is you're welcome. Miss Kirkness does not own the welcome. Your is the possessive pronoun, and you're is the contraction of you are. So to demonstrate this: Mr. Rowe, your bigotry and lack of grammatical knoweldge has impressed upon me that you're a complete fucktard. In the future you're best served if you keep your rude comments to yourself, because you are unable to intelligently do so and fail to insult as well as prove your incredible ignorance and stupidity. In short: you're an idiot and your smack talk is weak. So fuck off.
7 hours ago ·

Levar Rowe
How do you know I wasn't calling him a cigarette? fag = cigarette, cigarette = wack, so frig off wit this bigot shit already.
5 hours ago

Richard Jensen
Wow. That you would respond with that shows me just how chastised you are. Let's be honest shall we Mr. Rowe? You didn't mean cigarette. You don't make that particular slang a part of your venacular. You meant it as a derogatory and inflamitory comment about homosexuals and Mr. Buble. So now you're not only a bigot but a liar and a coward. You can't even own up to your own failings. Me? I'm an asshole who takes immense pleasure in pointing out the ignorance and stupidity (Those are two different things, go look them up) of people around me. Just like I'm doing now.So Mr. Rowe, I suggest again, that you keep your comments to yourself in the future and you may not find me lurking about pointing out what a complete asshat you are. Or suggesting that a dick knuckle like you perhaps would be better served as part of a medical experiment on how dick knuckles manage to type. To repeat a previous statement to you Mr. Rowe. Fuck off. Fuck off you syphilis infected dripping from the cunt of a diseased whore.
4 hours ago ·

Ahhhh, that felt so good.

I changed everyone's name but mine and his. I don't protect the ignorant and stupid.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ok you f**ktards...

Come on in and enjoy the fire and food. We have some taco salad and the Little Crow wanted tiny oreos so we have those too. Sometimes I give in to the worst requests...

Ok so like most of my ilk (that being folks who like the English language and understand the basic rules to it) the misuse of your and you're, and their, there, they're, are incredible pains. We froth at the mouth when we see their misuse and you're sadly mistaken if we take your misuse with a grain of salt. And no I'm not about to explain the differences and how to use them, go fucking pick up a book that teaches grade one grammar and learn it. Instead my problem is this: The jovial, almost proud manner in which people reject correction on these points.

This bothers me because it essentially rejects the notion that improving our communication skills is important. Or that it is better to be ignorant. Either way, both of these attitudes piss me off. And no, I'm not a fucking grammar Nazi, I just expect people to understand the BASIC RULES OF THE FUCKING LANGUAGE THEY PURPORT TO SPEAK AND READ!!

So here's the deal fucktards. Learn it and stop being proud of your stupidity. No one likes to be stupid and we're not saying you are. We (those of my ilk) are not trying to make you feel stupid, or insult you. We just want you to learn. If your response to our help is to act like an asshat and embrace your ignorance you're a fucking idiot and I will spare no vitriol in my response to your stupidity. Stop thinking it is OK to be ignorant or stupid.

That is all. Until one of you shitheads pisses me off again.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random thoughts while watching people in the College West Hallway and listening to tunes.

Come on in and grab a spot by the fire. The wind is picking up so the skins are down to keep out most of the bluster, and the fire is high to keep it nice and hot. Sometimes a good sweat will do you wonders.

So shaving. I hate it. It is very harsh to my face and always leads to rashes, painful ingrown hairs (which have turned into serious issues) and other very uncomfortable things. I may clipper back the growth from time to time but I hate actually shaving. And ladies? I don't care if you shave. Feel free to let the hair all grow, I've never cared if you guys are furry or not.

If you're wearing a cop uniform, but have no gun, no stick, and no radio to call more cops with guns and sticks, you're not a fucking cop. Don't act like one you fucktard. No, none of them harassed me, but damnit do they teach the mentality of 'us against them?' Gah.

Ladies, I love it when you wear those long boots with the high heels, and you clickity clack around. But there is a place for them. While going to university classes, where you have to walk around campus and up stairs is not the place. Save yourself and wear some comfy shoes. Trust me, your butt will still look good.

All of you people having regular sex? I hate you. I am indeed getting healthier and while I may have joked about this, it apparently is true. The healthier I get the higher my libido gets. This fucking sucks. And in no good ways.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some big See You Next Tuesdays around...

Come on in, the fire is low since it is getting so nice outside. Just sittin' here enjoying some Diet Dr. Pepper. And the news. Boy oh boy some people are real tools.

Let's start with the easiest. Mark McGuire. You fucking dumbass. So he's come clean, he used steroids, yet still insists he could have performed as well without them. He has 'a gift for hitting home runs.' Whatever you lying sack of shit. You cheated, like the vast majority of professional athletes do, and now you've come clean, sort of. What health issues did a well trained athlete have that required steroids? Hmmm? Whatever. Jackass.

Next let's move on to Harper and his PCs. My buddy Marlon the Black Pope wrote his MP a letter and basically got a form letter back and then this morning I listen to Harper spout the same bullshit on air. You're telling me you fucktards can't do your jobs when Parliament is in session? Whatever. I wish I could walk away from my job when it gets tough to deal with those who might criticise it. Be able to tell my professors 'I'm just going to stop coming to class and you'll still give me a passing grade. The stress of your judging my work is too much.' Fuck you.

And finally let's just take a crack at my favorite target, Tom Flannagan. Oh how I love to hear you spout whatever bullshit is coming out of your racist, intellectually flawed, mouth. I want to kill you with words you extremist asshole. 'Hardball tactics' huh? Fuck you too. It's not hardball it's the PCs taking their ball and going home. You syphilis infected cumbubble. I swear your dad should have fucked that goat up the ass rather than impregnate the poor animal who had to birth you.

Yeah I'm a little rage-filled. I'm getting healthier, and as I've stated before it increases my libido. And there's no one to enjoy it. Damnit. So rage it is!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Slow release Insulin and the wobbly tire.

Come on in, the den has quite a few things to enjoy today: pears, carrots, eggs, bacon. Yeah that last one always gets people to sit down and grab a plate. Eat some of the veggies too if you fill up that plate with bacon ok?

So about 17 days or so ago, Christmas Eve it was, I started on insulin. A slow release one called Lantus, and have been injecting it with increasing doses for most of that time. Started at 10 units, and have increased by one until I reached a fasting blood sugar (that means after a night of sleep) of less than or equal to 5.5. Few days ago I hit that and have enjoyed a couple days of sugar levels that are right where they are supposed to be. Along with this I have also enjoyed not having a constant sugary taste in my mouth, no constant thirst, less peeing, and I don't feel the need to fall asleep after eating. YAH!

Of course with the good comes some bad. The rear drivers side tire fell off my car. Luckily it happened right as I parked in front of my apartment, not driving on, say, the Ring Road, which is what my mom obsessed about. Was kind of funny altogether. So now Pip (That's my car's name) is off getting fixed up at the dealership and we're looking forward to a full recovery. She's a good car.

So those are the two big events that have happened as of late. Even the bad one isn't that bad. Life is good.