Friday, October 22, 2010

C'mon you faggos!

Come on in and watch the fire.  Y'know I've always been a huge fan of the Kids in the Hall, and some of their humour/social commentary is just brilliant.  Like this.

That's right. That horrible T. I hate T's! HAHAHAHAH!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Prayer

Come on in, it's been a weird couple weeks. Between sickness, kitties, and teenagers (Oh we'll discuss that later) it has been a bit rough. And I have listened to a bunch of folks bring up the darker aspect of Thanksgiving, the holiday which apparently commemorates the colonization of the First Nations in North America. Which I really don't see it as such, instead I like to see it as the celebration of the intersection of culture. Despite what came after, it is worthy to celebrate that meeting, that doubling, the enhancement and loss. So in that spirit I offer this Thanksgiving Day Prayer:

I thank the Grandfather's for the wisdom they've given us all, in letting us learn all we can to both survive the world of old and now this one.

I thank the People, for the spirit they retain despite their worn bodies and minds. I wish they could see it past the pain and dependence.

I thank the various Governments who have made it their policy to eliminate cultures and people from the face of the planet. You have shown the true depth of the human spirit, both its highs and lows.

I thank everyone around me for the myriad of voices they add to the chorus of the world, the web of existence, the Sacred Circle.

I thank my immediate Family, for they have given me all that I am.

I thank you, who listen to my prayer, in all worlds and ways, for without you there is nothing else.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Worst. Sneeze. Ever.

The den is a mess. Let me tell you why ...

It starts when you go into a coughing fit, and your body is heaving so much that your stomach decides it is damn sick of being ignored so it starts clenching, and even though you've eaten very little, your stomach squeezes out everything it can. Lucky for you, you were in the bathroom so your coughing/vomiting fit is contained. Or so you thought. See the coughing, that set off your sinus to drip, and it hits the wrong part of your sinuses, and mid heave, you start to sneeze. And so, after a few little chuffing noises, you stop puking, and that's when the big sneezes kick off. Those big woofing kind that clears out the sinuses of the person next to you. And that's when the stomach and back cramps kick in...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Fine Feline

Come on in and watch the shadows right there. See that really active one, the one that is chasing all the small ones, while the big mean looking one watches? That's one of my old kitties. That's BD. He was let go today, let go to move on because he was in so much pain and no longer loved to dance. And now. Look at him. He's dancing again.

See this cat lived twenty years. Twenty! That's one of the oldest I've ever had a cat. Well he was my mom's cat. But that was probably twenty years more than he should have had, were it not for my mom.

She found him under her car after visiting a friend. He was way too small to be away from his mother, and was mewling. LOUDLY. This cat had one of the loudest YAWOWS out there, and his purr box was extra big. Anyways, he was malnourished, his ears were infested with mites, and he was dehydrated. We had a cat already but my mom just couldn't leave him. So she brought him home and said 'We're going to nurse him back to health and then take him to the pound.' You see how well that went hmm?

Anyways, his name is really weird right? BD. It stands for two things: 1) Brain Dead, and 2) Buster Douglas. He was so weak but so playful, he would jump around and bash into things, and then add to this the incredible damage the mites did to his inner ears (They were so thick, all you had to do was lightly scratch inside his ear and you'd come away with a near ounce of mite crud) that he constantly looked like the kitty equivalent of the Keystone Kops. Kittystoned Kop. Heh. And of course, he was tough. Our other cat, my cat, Natasha, was one of the meanest cats to ever grace this planet. She intimidated German Sheppards, she was that bad ass. But BD, he always wanted to play, so he'd jump Tash, and get beaten to a pulp, bounce back up and be right back on her. And at the time, Buster Douglas, some tune up fight for Mike Tyson, came out, got beat up, and beat Tyson for the title. And that was our new kitty. Tough and too stupid to know he should have died.

And that's what made him neat. He would escape the house when he was younger, and go feral for two weeks. Then come back because he loved people. He was a super mouser, and ate his kills. Trust me, nuthin' grosser than cleaning up dead mouse pukies. Gah. And he was incredibly strong. And while he was entirely black, it was actually patterned black and looked like tiger stripes, and he was built like one, thick chest, slightly in turned front paws, fast, killer with his claws against all things that needed to be killed, which did not include humans. With people, he just loved to meet'em. And beautiful? Sleek fur and about the greenest eyes I've ever seen on a cat.

Anyways, today, my parents took him to the vet. He'd started to get dementia, he would take ten minutes just to lie down, and he wasn't always making it to the kitty litter. And he was always in pain, and about a week ago, he stopped playing at all with their dog, Princess Kneesa.

So he's gone now, kinda. Like I said, watch that shadow that doesn't stop moving. That's BD, that's him, chasing down everything he possibly can. If you stay still, he'll even come cuddle for a bit. Love ya BD.