Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What makes a person beautiful

Come on in.  The gorgeous girlfriend made a chicken.  A farm fresh chicken!  Her parents gave it to us over the holidays.  Her parents are very cool.  But that's not what I want to write about.

Today was a strange day for me.  A lot of people around me expressed some serious and mind altering pain to me today.  Seems like everyone is having a bad go at things recently.  It made me think and feel and of course it made me realize something.  The realization is neat too because it happened due to a combination of things, including something I said.  Occasionally I can be profound.

See we started teaching short stories in the class I help out with.  And me and m'boss were laying out what makes a short story something special in literature.  And I said 'It is the one piece of writing that is so close to the reality of our lives.  It offers a brief glimpse, a snapshot, one moment of limited perspective.  It's how we are presented with life and in that way it best represents who we are as people.'

And once everyone around me had expressed their pain to me, it became a little seed that started to grow in my mind.  And I had a talk with said gorgeous and wonderful girlfriend which got me to actually express what my mind was brewing on.

Like my enjoyment of other people's annoying habits, the weird little peccadilloes that might set other people's annoyance factor up, I find it is not the great things people do that I admire.  Because really, every single person I know who has done something great, that skill, that drive came from choice and hard work.  These things are still impressive but it's nothing I find exceptional.  Everyone is capable of it.

No, what makes someone beautiful is the way they handle the pain involved with living.  The difficulties, the trials, the failures.  How someone can still stand, still smile, still love and laugh, enjoy life, even when something is occurring that causes them exceptional pain.  That makes a person beautiful.

In essence, it is our scars, our physical and emotional wounds, that make people beautiful to me.  My lovely love broke her arm as a youth and almost died from it, and now she carries a metal plate and a six inch long and half inch wide scar on her left bicep.  I love to touch it, run my fingers lightly along it.  It's proof she is meant to be where she is.  It is a sign of her own fortitude and beauty that even with something as large and disfiguring as this scar she is still so gorgeous, so attractive, so wonderful.

So to you my beautiful readers I offer this thought to you.  Are you beautiful?  I think that even at our worst, when we've done the most horrific things possible, we are still a reflection of the totality of existence and therefore wonderful to behold and worth all the effort and love that can be used to help heal those wounds.  So that we might recall the scars later as a point of loveliness.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why TV Sucks

Come on in, I made this great baked pasta dish that is fucking brilliant!  Everyone enjoyed.  There's like ... five of us in the house right now, three adults and two teenagers and everyone enjoyed.  So you get some too!

So I spent most of today ranting about bad TV.  Bad writing, bad premises (premisi?) and just stupid fucking stereotypes.  Seriously, this one chick basically went on a rant about how it's no big deal she had doubts about marrying this guy and went to ask her ex if he still loved her because she's the one who always messes up and he knew that, so it's alright and he's the asshole for hooking up with his ex when she dumped his ass brutally a few months back.  WTF?!  Really?  Fuck you, you stupid cunt.

But most TV, and most movies, are this stupid.  I can't stand them.  And when there is an intelligent show it either doesn't get pushed enough or confuses people and no one watches except the intelligent folks and they get canceled and then I only get to watch reruns or on netflix and watch them over and over and over again because they make me happy and laugh.  Like Better Off Ted.  Watch that shit.  Or else.

On a completely unrelated topic, I love leeks.  I like cooking with'um, I like eatin'um, and I love the name cuz it's what I do with my penis.  Although I don't think about that while I'm cooking with them.  That would be kinda gross.  That's part of why the baked pasta was so good.  Enjoy!!

But seriously, TV, why does it have to suck so bad?  And then someone said something that made me go 'Well now we're fucked.'  Someone said 'I watch TV not to think.'  Damnit, why?!  Thinking is important!  It's part of the fun of the human brain.  We think some random fucked up thoughts that are rather entertaining, like putting a baby in a fish tank and taking a picture and then posting it on effbook so I can be disturbed and amused.  (On a side note, are thalidomide babies in SCUBA gear jokes in poor taste?) So people, stop watching TV to not think.  For fucks sake people:  THINK!!!

So to summarize:
1)  TV and movies suck because people want mindless entertainment and this is wrong
2)  Thinking is good
3)  Coyote will make bad jokes about everything!
4)  I'm an awesome cook.

Oh and my girlfriend is awesome too.  But that's an entirely different thing.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I need a new hobby

Come on in and enjoy the fire.  The winter has decided to come back with a bite so we've got some baked pasta for you here.  Very good.

So I've had a lot of different hobbies over my lifetime, and I've rather enjoyed them.  Of course they were more about the social aspect than the actual hobby.  I like people. Not necessarily doing anything.  I'm kinda lazy.  Actually I'm not lazy, I just like being sedentary most days.

So I used to collect comics as a kid.  I still love comics, but they suck so bad now, and cost so much.  It used to be good stories and some decent art... now even the 'cutting edge' comics are the same shit over and over.  I don't think I've read any decent stories in comics for a while.  If I'm wrong, please point it out to me and I'll go check it out.

I used to play sports.  A lot.  Football.  Wrestling.  Then paintball.  My last hurrah at sports recently was dodgeball.  I blew out my shoulder and can't throw.  I catch well but that's still only half good.  Kinda sucks.  And the shoulder is still right fucked.

I like RPGs, including LARPs.  That's Role Playing Games and Live Action Role Playing.  The RPG groups I was a part of have fallen apart, I am running a Deadlands game, but I wanna play!  :)  And the LARPs are fun, to a point.  It's so much effort, and I'm just not interested in putting in that kind of effort.  I'm kind of burnt on them.  Perhaps I'll try to run a larp.  I'd like to adapt a rule set to run a shadowrun LARP.  But it would have to be run a lot different than a standard LARP.

I used to play poker a lot more.  But that requires money.  I gots none of that.

And that's part of the problem with a hobby.  They all cost something.  I gots nothing.  Serious.

Well perhaps it's time I just start writing all the time, see what kind of crazy shit I can pull out of my as and make y'all giggle a bit.

Like this random thought:  I keep thinking about getting a twitter account but I don't like the idea of listening to tweets, twats or twits.  And I haven't seen anything on it worth signing up for yet another thing I'd have to check.  I totally need some cybereyes that have HUD.  I'd totally volunteer for that procedure to test it out.  And cyber legs, maybe some muscle replacement on the arm.

Damnit I really wanna play shadowrun.  Ringmaster, start a damn game!