Thursday, September 25, 2008


Come in, sit down and grab a blanket. The fire has just reached that point where it's still very warm but not so high that it makes cooking impossible. I've got some sausages, you hungry? It's better to discuss politics on a full stomach. Although this won't be much of a discussion.

There are so many articles on just what this bailout means, from comparing it to French policies (Why not Canada, or is it not cool to shit on us anymore?) to the various political party members demanding that this bailout follow certain rules. Even Bill Clinton was on the Daily Show saying that the US Gov't has to either charge high interest rates on the loan, or demand shares in the company. Either way it's a crappy situation.

I prefer to look at it this way: yet another example that Dubya et al. will do whatever the fuck they want whenever they want. Right now they're trying to bully the congress into getting this bill through without any changes, which would just be bizarre. Just like our own leader Stephen 'I'll get it down even if it's illegal' Harper. (I realize that nickname will never really catch on, but it's true. The other I wanna use is Stephen 'Fucktard' Harper. That might catch on.)

So to close. George W. Bush, Stephen Harper, both people who feel that the legalities of their position is irrelevant to their desires. Oh and here's a funny.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Disturbing Images.

Come in, despite the sadness of the day, with the passing of the Little General, I had some amusement today amidst the near tears. So come sit down around the fire and enjoy. Maybe you've got a funny story as well, share it, I am looking for a laugh.

I am taking an author's study of Milton for one of my classes, and it focuses mainly on Paradise Lost. It has some loverly disturbing images folks. Book two, when Satan meets Sin and Death. WHOOO DADDY! Nuthin' like incest/rape/BDSM to make a story interesting. But I got worse than that today.

John Donne wrote a poem called Batter my Heart, Three Person'd God and in my Genre theory class, we're going over sonnets, which this poem is. And at the end of the day she introduced the Queer reading of the poem. Now go read the poem and come back to hear the end of this. G'on, I'll wait...

So ... she reads the academic paper on the queer theory of the poem and in it is the term 'Trinitary Gangbang.'

Repeat that with me. Trinitary Gangbang.

Donne apparently wants to be raped by the three aspects of God. Or so this reading claims.

Right or wrong I couldn't stop laughing for the last ten minutes of class.

So I show up for my Milton class, which is right after the Genre Theory class, and say to my wonderful professor 'Sorry, you're gonna hafta turn it up a notch. While we've had some disturbing images in this poem, nuthin' so far beats Trinitary Gangbang.'

Heheheh. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, truly filling you. So wrong!

And this line: 'Labour to'admit you, but Oh, to no end,' *snickers* I'm tryin' God, but your horsecock won't fit up m'pooper! *falls over laughing*

Ok ... and this is why you all want to becoming English students. We have the most fun. :)


Can't think of anything to say.

We lost the Little General.

Bye Ron.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

How best to spend 9/11

So I was sick last week, and I'm flipping through the channels and all that's on is tributes. I mean even Discovery shows an all day thing on the attack on the Pentagon. So I flipped it to MuchMoreMusic and luckily it was actually showing music videos. And I stumble across this. Now I can't embed it so go give it a look.

The music is ... well the song is nice, it's nothing like 'Oh my god! That's the greatest thing ever!' but it is nice. But the imagery in the video is just ... oh my. I've watched the video about a dozen times, and showed it to a few other folks. I keep finding new creepy little things in it. Quite tasty.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Frivolous Post

Come in, enjoy a laugh, it's such a beautiful night, the fire is perfect for roasting a marshmellow or two.

For those of you who may not be fans of The Guild (Shame on you if you're not) or who haven't checked out the links to it, you gotta check this.

The Legend of Neil

It's a webisode show spoofing Legend of Zelda, done by Sandeep Parihk (Zaboo).

My fav is Ep 3. Felicia Day and a Fairy with Issues. It doesn't get funnier.